Katılımcı Girişi

Why Exhibit?


  • ALL TOGETHER UNDER A SINGLE ROOF: take part in a rapidly growing international platform where you can find all sub-industries in the lighting industry together.

  • ISTANBUL, THE CENTER OF TRADE: make a trip to Istanbul, which is a major trade center in Europe, Middle East and Asia and is a city of opportunities.

  • INNOVATIONS : stay up-to-date with the developments in the lighting industry in Turkey and worldwide.

  • CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS: attend the conferences and seminars where the Public, academicians and the private industry come together and where the latest technologies and trends in the industry are addressed.

  • FACE TO FACE MEETINGS: meet the decision makers from target market region with the hosted buyer program.

  • NEW SALE OPPORTUNITIES: have access to top decision makers and a broad spectrum of clients and create sale opportunities.

  • ACCESS RELIABLE DATA: make market research and customer analysis.

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