Nitraled at IstanbulLight!

Nitraled, one of the highest quality LED products manufacturers in Turkey, will meet with its visitors at IstanbulLight!

Founded in 2010 as ER-BE Led, Nitraled has been operating as NITRA ELECTRONIC since 2013. The brand that makes its own armatures; not because profitability, but customer satisfaction. Nitraled focuses on R&D process to provide the maximum benefit and to increase customer satisfaction. The brand is proud to provide a 5 year guarantee to its customers which is one of its first kind in Turkey.

By visiting Nitraled’s booth at IstanbulLight, you can see and learn more about products such as NITRALED TESLA, NITRALED NIAGARA, NITRALED IMPERIAL, NITRALED FUJİ, NITRALED NICK, NITRALED KATANA, NITRALED VOLTA. Last but not least, 12-24 V Armature, Indoor Panel Armature, Indoor Armature Armature, Downlight Indoor Armature, Canopy, Ribbon led, Colored Wall and Area Lighting Armature, Linear High Ceiling Armature, Street / Street Armature, Projector, Exproof, Wallwasher and many more products will be showcased at the fair.