Turkish lighting industry met with export customers at IstanbulLight 2019!

The lighting sector came together at the one and only international fair of Turkish Lighting Industry

IstanbulLight 12th International Lighting & Electrical Equipment Fair and Congress, which was held on 18-21 September 2019 at Istanbul Expo Center, brought together 7.757 visitors from 77 countries and 220 participants for new business opportunities.

Turkey’s one and only international lighting exhibition IstanbulLight, which includes hundreds of brands of 220 exhibitors, brought the public together with manufacturers, investors and designers from all around the world. The exhibition, organized by Informa Markets under a strategic partnership with Association of Lighting Fixtures Producers (AGID) and Turkish National Committee of Lighting (ATMK), was visited by a total of 7.757 people in four days, including 969 foreigners from 77 countries. The 24% increase in the total number of visitors and the 14% increase in export clients made the exhibition productive for the exhibitors.

The exhibition, which hosted 969 foreign visitors, was most visited respectfully by people from Morocco, Algeria, Bulgaria, Libya and Tunisia.

Having managed to grow 12% on square-meter basis, IstanbulLight will be organized biennially and gather the global lighting sector under the same roof for the 13th time in 2021 based on sector dynamics.

We received more visitors than we aimed for.

Informa Markets General Manager Atilla Marangozoğlu stated that IstanbulLight was a tremendous success and brought international markets together with the lighting sector aiming for 2 billion dollars’ worth of production and 500 million dollars’ worth of exports in 2019 and said the following: “We are glad to see exhibiting companies and professional visitors score major partnerships both on a national and international scale at IstanbulLight. Within the scope of the energy efficiency campaign of the public providing our sector with a growth potential of 3 to 15 %, we brought senior officials from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Ministry of Industry and Technology with representatives from lighting sector. This way, we managed to communicate the public and the private sector at first hand and ensured major steps for the development of lighting sector. This year, we obtained 220 exhibitors and 7.757 visitors, which is more than we aimed for. We organized the 3rd Lighting Design Summit that included major lighting designers from Turkey and all around the world as speakers and hosted the 12th National Lighting Congress. It was an eventful exhibition.”

We predict a 3% growth by the end of 2019.

AGID President Fahir Gök stated that Turkey is well on its way to achieve its goal of becoming a global lighting production base and said the following: “Our lighting sector includes 4.750 companies and employs more than 25.000 people. When we as AGID evaluate the developments in the first half of 2019 and expectations for the following year, we predict that we will complete 2019 with a growth of 3%. IstanbulLight, which is the most critical gathering of lighting sector, was very successful both for our exhibitors and visitors. In addition to trading opportunities, we discussed various subjects such as technologies that will pave the way for our sector, quality and smart lighting, LED technologies, energy efficiency and value-added production.”

“The exhibition is on its way to become the only international lighting exhibition in the region”

ATMK President Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil highlighted the significance of the events organized simultaneously with the exhibition and providing information & leading the way for the sector in a period that the sector needs unity and solution the most and said that “while the sector made some significant progress at an international scale after the 1990s especially in lighting production, it has to monitor changes and innovations very closely and aim for exports and foreign markets to continue its path without being affected by economic woes and the contractions in construction sector and public projects.” Adding that the lighting production industry, which realizes significant exports, provides major opportunities for foreign capital investments with its infrastructure and market opportunities, Onaygil said that “the exhibition, where the sector’s present and future is discussed, is on its way to become the only international lighting exhibition in the region.”

Public and private sectors came together at Commercial Stage on the common ground of energy efficiency.

Public and lighting sectors came together at IstanbulLight Exhibition to talk about their expectations and opportunities for energy efficiency. The “Energy Efficiency in Lighting” session organized at IstanbulLight’s Commercial Stage, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Ministry of Industry and Technology stated their support to “Lighting Sector.” Head of the Energy Efficiency and Environment Department Oğuz Can highlighted how important it is for the sector to develop auto-control in quality, standards and certification to ensure that it takes concrete steps along the way. Industrial Product Safety and Inspection General Manager Mehmet Bozdemir said that they want to shape the inspection and monitoring plan for 2020 in line with the sector.

12th International Lighting Congress was organized with the main theme of “Quality Lighting in Turkey.”

The 12th National Lighting Congress was hosted by IstanbulLight, led by ATMK and organized under the partnership of AGİD and Informa Markets with the main theme of “Quality Lighting in Turkey.” The congress, which hosted the discussion of Quality Lighting at a large scale from “Design” to “Education and Human Resources in Lighting” and from “Production Designed in World Standards” to “Sales and Consumer Awareness in Lighting”, included approximately 80 speakers with 4 invited experts, 5 sessions, 20 statements with presentations, 12 poster statements with presentations, presentations with special subjects and panels.

World-renowned lighting designers were hosted at the Lighting Design Summit

The 3rd Lighting Design Summit, organized within the scope of IstanbulLight, hosted world-renowned lighting designers such as British designers Jason Bruges and Liz West. The summit at Istanbul Expo Center hosted lighting designers and professionals from companies such as Jason Bruges Studio, Liz West Studio, ONOFF Aydınlatma, LAB.1, Arup, ZKLD Light Studio, Sevenlights, Planlux, NA Light Style, SLD Studio, Dark Source, The Lighting Institute and Ağustos Teknoloji. The event saw the discussion of the latest trends in lighting design, inspiring projects and new approaches in design.

Lighting wastes were recycled to support the education of children with autism.

A waste collection area was built at IstanbulLight to recycle electric and electronic device wastes, primarily those in lighting, with the social responsibility partnership of AGID, Informa Markets and Tohum Autism Foundation. Exhibitors and visitors handed over their wastes at this area and contributed to the collection of a total waste of 637 kg. With this campaign, the exhibitors and visitors had the chance to support both the preserving of environment and human health and the education of children with autism.