The New Condition of Global Trade

Green Production

In parallel with the European Union Green Consensus, China's 2060 target for being Carbon Neutral, America's transition to the Green Economy, trade has begun to be reformed, and with this change, the new condition for global trade becomes green production.  Green production is the production of the product in such a way that the environmental effects are kept at a minimum level from energy to the inputs used in production and the pollution caused by the products that have completed their life. This production process is regulated by new regulations and standards put into effect.  Manufacturers who want to be a player in global trade must produce products that comply with these new regulations.

Today, it is indispensable for lighting equipment manufacturers to supply safe products to the market and to produce in accordance with the Regulation on Electrical Equipment Designed for Certain Voltage Limits and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation. However, in this new era, where trade supports green production, the manufacturers of lighting equipment need to harmonize their products with the Eco Design Directive, Energy Labeling Directive, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation and the Regulation on Restriction of Chemicals. Thus, there is no doubt that competitive advantage will be achieved. 

Eco-Design Directive and the Energy Labeling Directive will be renewed and will enter into force in Turkey simultaneously with Europe in September 2021. 

The efforts are continuing rapidly in order to renew the Eco Design Directive and Energy Labeling Directive among such mentioned regulations and put them into force in Turkey simultaneously with Europe in September of 2021. The renewed Eco Design Directive is the arrangement of three different regulations which are currently in force by combining them, and the Energy Labeling Directive is the revision of the current regulation and both will bring significant changes to the sector. These changes are the beginning of a new era.

With the renewed Eco Design Directive, while some traditional lighting technologies that fail to meet the requirements of illumination performance and quality are removed from usage, our manufacturers will need to review their designs with the requirements of being removable and replaceable for light sources and control devices in the products containing them. As for the New Energy Labeling Regulation, while all light sources fall within the scope of the new regulation, it may surprise many of us that there is no statement as an armature in this regulation, but the product definition, which is a brand a new definition and which is an important change of the regulation includes the armature and this inclusive product is accepted as a light source and labeled if the light source it contains is removable and changeable. As the new generation labels include a simpler scale (from A to G), it will be easier to compare energy efficiency between different products.

Varying- country goals, changing trade, changing regulations… these days when we talk about so many changes and I guess we should all ask ourselves whether we are ready for change or not. We should not forget that the result of this change is the opportunity to become a player in global trade, as well as to produce efficient, long-lasting, and pollution-minimized products.