Ilker Electronics is exhibiting at IstanbulLight

ilker elektronik

Ilker Electronics, which has been working with the world's leading brands since 1956, is exhibiting at IstanbulLight with its LED lighting technology!

Ilker Electronics are official distributor of world-renowned brands such as: LUMINUS, JINBO, LUMINIT and ANYLUX that will be meeting with IstanbulLight’s visitors. Ilker Electronics will showcase its LED strip, LED modules, variable watts, lumens and such technologies.

Ilker Elektronics also distributes ILED, Hi-LED, Nationstar, Prolight and Woody Moody. You can experience the most demanding products in IstanbulLight, which are an integral part of all product groups such as interior and exterior lighting types, interior and exterior 5V-12V-24V DC power supply varieties.