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To leave or not to leave perception up to chance!


Lighting industry is moving at a great pace, not giving us any chance to lose our enthusiasm. Innovative solutions accompanied by LED, our light source standardized in the last decade, allows us, the designers to set sail for new horizons.

Each day, we are uninterruptedly updated with a new information or a novel development. Even if the parameters for light technique and architectural lighting remain unchanged, the very new solutions that we experience in parallel with the development of LED light source break the routines of all building sector stakeholders and come as a revelation while we almost think “how come we used to solve this through conventional sources?”...

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The Use and Effects of UV-C Lamps


First author of the IstanbulLight Guest of the Month series, Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil Chairman of the Board of ATMK, is explaining the use and effects of UV-C Lamps in her article.

As a method that can destroy Covid-19 viruses, the use of lamps that emit UV-C radiation is on the agenda. In fact, these lamps have been used in water purification and air disinfection for many years. Since its negative effects on the skin and eyes are known in direct contact, they should be used with well-designed and controllable systems. In current applications, it is observed that they are used not only in our country but also in the whole world... 


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Human-centric Ligting


The next author of the IstanbulLight Guest of the Month series, Prof. Dr. Banu Manav, is explaining the use and importance of human centric lighting in her article.

The primary purpose in lighting design is to offer energy-efficient solutions, keeping up pace with up-to-date approaches to lighting technology, to ensure visual comfort requirements for users.In this line of vision, the concept of lighting quality has been contextualized with human-centric lighting, biodynamic lighting and circadian rhythm (CS) in time through historical perspective...


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How will decorative lightings adapt themselves?


The next author of the IstanbulLight Guest of the Month series, Mustafa Hastaoglu, is explaining the the future of decorative lighting in his article.

A new progress occurs every single day in technology world, with innovations rapidly following one after another.
We also witness that decorative lighting products tap into the advancement of technology and morph each year while updating themselves in high speed. In the not-too-distant past, only 15 years, we used to have filament lamps and LED’s ...


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Smart Lighting and Smart Cities

The next author of the IstanbulLight Guest of the Month series, Fahit Gök, is explaining the the smart lighting and smart cities in his article.

Having entered our lives in our country and around the World as of 2020, Covid-19 has once again demonstrated, along with many issues, the importance of lighting in our cities. While the restrictions during the epidemic highlighted the importance of use of the public spaces, it has also reminded our responsibility to meet the demand for lighting in order to use these areas at night, as well. However, the necessity of using the human population density data in public spaces as the result of the restrictions has perhaps shed light on the way to become a true smart city.

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The New Condition of Global Trade Green Production


The next author of the IstanbulLight Guest of the Month series, Zeynep Akkaya, is explaining the new condition of global trade green production in her article.

In parallel with the European Union Green Consensus, China's 2060 target for being Carbon Neutral, America's transition to the Green Economy, trade has begun to be reformed, and with this change, the new condition for global trade becomes green production. Green production is the production of the product in such a way that the environmental effects are kept at minimum level from energy to the inputs used in production and the pollution caused by the products that have completed their life...


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The Dark Side of Lighting– Emergency Lighting 


The next author of the IstanbulLight Guest of the Month series, Kevort Benlioglu, is explaining the The Dark Side of Lighting– Emergency Lighting  in his article.

Emergency lighting system is a secondary type of lighting that automatically activates when the regular lighting system of a building fails due to fire, earthquake, terrorist actions, sabotage, allowingpeople to evacuate safely  without staying in the dark. Emergency lighting system intends to conduct a fast, safe evacuation and to prevent loss of life in case of any emergency. Even with a budget less than ten-thousandth of building cost, emergency lighting system is one of the most crucial elements for safety of life. 


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