An employee is the sustenance, one of the most valuable assets of companies. 

Ensuring a sense of belonging for employees is through creating a healthy employee experience, which starts with recruitment process. Corporate culture, true leadership, rapport with employees and transparency are the preliminary touchstones of employee experience. A job seeker expects vision, principles, transparency, footprints of leadership, flexibility, and a pleasant and healthy working environment from a brand.

Employer should be conscious of brand awareness prior to recruitment. Your best testimonial is your employees; do you offer them a healthy and safe working environment? While we think about how to elect an employee as a company, we also must pursue the right strategy on why employees out there should elect us. The companies that are notable for taking good care of their employees are those to have a robust employer brand. If customer satisfaction is considered as the starting point, brand will naturally receive demands whereby finding the much-sought teammate through inhouse recommendations. 

What are the most important aspects of recruitment process?

Recruitment process should begin with planning; what are the most critical competencies of vacant position, which recruitment tool should be used to address the right target (advert, consultancy, testimonials), what should be the recruitment period and our budget, have our partners been informed about all the steps of process?

Although election period is deemed to be under the sole responsibility of Human Resources professionals, it is a teamwork. Recruiters should be trained and experienced in recruitment techniques in order to promote the company in the best way and to make the company appealing for candidate.

 The candidate should not only comply with the required competencies but also with corporate and communication culture. Skill creates asset only if matched with ethics. If the correct election evaluation adds to the company, then an incorrect election will cost much to the company.

Recruitment is as important as the adaptation of the recruited person to the company; if possible, orientation with rotation would be healthier. In addition to the job description, the corporate culture and expectations should be explained to make it faster for the candidate to become a part of the team. 

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